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Toddlers, 2024


This is your official welcome to the CDT family.

The CDT Toddler program focuses on creating a safe and encouraging environment where students are given a fun and engaging introduction to dance.

Toddlers have their own special dance rooms at CDT, with props and equipment that enhances their experience within our program.

Parents are welcome to wait in our waiting room, otherwise you get 40 minutes to yourself!

You should receive a weekly update email from

If you don't receive one - please contact us!

Your invoice is emailed to you. See fee policy for more information.


Creating a safe space for all of our members to feel welcome.

To build on our students' confidence, ability and love of dance.

To strive to bring the best to south-west Sydney.

Our goal is to help CDT students believe in themselves and achieve anything they set their minds to.

At CDT we nurture each individual students journey, we believe in bringing out each students confidence and helping them find their spark.

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Our Team.

The CDT team are all trained in the Toddler program. They are hand picked and we are confident they will give each student their best. We also have assistants training in these classes.

Directors - Jenna & Jerrika Howley

Toddler Teachers - Hannah Pike, LJ Nash, Georgia Corte, Isabella Biffin, Tayla Smith

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About The Toddler Program.

The CDT Toddler program introduces elements of jazz, ballet and singing.

You will see a new side of them as we build confidence, co-ordination and imagination in class!

The program encourages the physical, social and emotional development of our toddlers. The exercises delivered are curriculum based working towards achieving goals and most importantly HAVING FUN!

The toddler program is a fun, interactive lesson which creates a positive introduction to dance in a 40 minute lesson.

This lesson includes:

Jazz - movement to popular songs embracing strength and coordination with hips, arms, bounces, model walks, balancing, jazz style and gross motor coordination.

Ballet - includes a lot of imaginary play where toddlers get to be butterflies, bunnies, fairies and engage in a variety of role playing as well as using props to introduce the love of ballet and ballet technique for young dancers.

Singing – introduces a fun way to acknowledge pitch, rhythm, tune and allows toddlers to engage their memory system to remember lyrics

During Term 3 and 4 - dancers will be working on their 2 concert routines for the end of year concert. (ballet and jazz)

The minis and rec concert is at Camden Civic Centre at the end of November.


Term One:

Students settle into class, creating bonds with teachers and class members. Basic program is introduced as students are encouraged to explore their gross motor mobility. Stretching, turn taking and a foundation of dance.

Term Two:

Toddlers work on achieving travelling skills - skipping, fairy runs, gallops, jumps. In the jazz portion of the class toddlers will learn a routine to perform in the mid year concert. In the ballet portion toddlers will be familiar with plie, tendus and transference of weight.

Term Three:

Toddlers begin learning their jazz and ballet end of year concert routines.

They will work on further progressing their skills and practice them independently.

Term Four:

Toddlers practice remembering sequence of steps as they prepare for the concert. We work on performing and shapes of steps as we test their knowledge and continue progressing their abilities

Parents do not watch classes, during the last lesson of each term, you get to zoom in for our ACHIEVEMENT WEEK - where we go through the focuses of the term and celebrate our students achievements. 

We also upload each lesson to BAND and parents also get some special photos from each term. 

The CDT Toddler BAND app can be joined through this link: CDT TODDLER BAND 2024

Here you will also be able to find our calendar of events.


TODDLER TAP - we have an extension toddler class which our dancers love - the most fun making sounds with their feet and learning about foot coordination and rhythm.

This class will also be learning a concert routine.

Don't wish to take part in the concert?

No problem at all - please just let us know.


CDT have a private BAND app that gives

regular updates and in class videos, quick notices and messages

from the CDT staff. You can also private message the directors to inform us of absences, ask questions etc.


Our business facebook profile is


Main Page - @completedancetraining

Private Members only - @cdtmembers

Don't forget to tag us when you share CDT/dance stuff - we love being able to share it back!


Our main point of contact is our email

You can also call us on 0401798381



Our toddlers love their special uniform!

We have

- CDT Dance Dresses

- CDT Crop and Shorts

- CDT Shirt and Shorts

You can purchase yours at the office - pre order it here: 


Hair should be tied back.



Toddler program students can wear pink leather ballet shoes. Toddler tap students wear black buckle taps.

You can get them from Kmart, target etc. or visit Anything Dance on Blaxland Road.


Important Information

Here you can find the important information for CDT.

CDT_Primary Logo_Black.png

Have any questions?

We are here to help!

Everyone is part of the dance journey at CDT.

Toddler families will receive a progress update and end of term photo each term as well as continuous updates from the teachers.

You will also be invited in to class via zoom at the end of each term to see what the toddlers have been working on.

Welcome to the CDT family!

- Miss Jenna, Miss Jerrika
and the CDT Team
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