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Minis Programs



CDT is a family based studio that provides a safe, nurturing and encouraging program with high quality training, qualified teachers and focused on the fun and love of dance. 

We offer a free trial class because we are confident in our programs and what we offer our students. 

Our toddler and preschooler programs are based on the developmental stages of our young dancers and the Early Years Learning Framework.

We have two programs for our minis:

Toddler Program - 2-3years

Preschooler Program - 4-5 years

The toddler program is a fun, interactive lesson which creates a positive introduction to dance in a 40 minute lesson. 

This lesson includes:

Jazz -  movement to popular songs embracing strength and coordination with hips, arms, bounces, model walks, balancing, jazz style and gross motor coordination.

Ballet - includes a lot of imaginary play where toddlers get to be butterflies, bunnies, fairies and engage in a variety of role playing as well as using props to introduce the love of ballet and ballet technique for young dancers.

Singing – introduces a fun way to acknowledge pitch, rhythm, tune and allows toddlers to engage their memory system to remember lyrics


We are so excited about our tap class for toddlers, the most fun making sounds with their feet and learning about foot coordination and rhythm. 

There are limited spots available in this class so if you would like a spot in this class get in quick!

The CDT Toddler Program
2-3 Years



The CDT Preschooler Program
 4-6 Years


Preschool Program combines a variety of styles of dance to give our dancers a taste of they different style as they are able to choose when they graduate from the preschool program into the pre-junior classes. 

We want to give them a strong foundation of dance in a fun, encouraging and positive 1 hour lesson.

Jazz and Hip Hop -  movement to popular songs, working on coordination, rhythm, style, jazz kicks, balancing, introduction to jazz technique.

Ballet - engages our dancers into ballet terminology, the foundations of ballet and embrace the love of the art.

Singing/Musical Theatre - introduces a fun way to acknowledge pitch, rhythm, tune and allows pre-schoolers to engage their memory system to remember lyrics

 Tap - is the fun, noisy part of the class where students take part in rhythm, timing and foot coordination with their fun tap shoes on!


Tumbling consists of a variety of role play games engaging muscles and co-ordination for tumbling skills and an introduction to balance, strength, rolls (roley poleys), cartwheels, handstands etc. It's a popular class where children build strength and learn fundamental skills. 


Toddler Program
 Class Times



10:00AM - Toddler Program

4:00PM - Toddler Program


9:45AM - Toddler Program


9:15AM - Toddler Program

9:55AM - Toddler Tap

Preschooler Program
 Class Times



4:30PM - Preschooler Program

5:30PM - Preschooler Tumbling


10:00AM -  Preschooler Program

11:00AM - Preschooler Tumbling


10:30AM - Preschooler Program

11:30AM - Preschooler Tumbling

4:00PM - Preschooler Program

5:00PM - Preschooler Tumbling


9:15AM - Preschooler Program

10:15AM - Preschooler Tumbling


What Our Minis Wear

CDT minis wear our CDT dress as their weekly uniform. 

We do have a variety of merch they can alternate with. 

Check it out here: 


Toddlers: Pink ballet and/or black jazz shoes. 

Tap students need black tap shoes. 

Preschoolers: black jazz shoes, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes. 

No shoes for tumbling.

You can buy these shoes online, at Anything Dance on Blaxland Road, or ballet shoes can be found at Kmart and Target. 



$20 per class OR $30 for 2 classes OR $50 a week for unlimited classes

Costumes are hired from CDT.

$65 for Ballet and $55 for all other styles per routine.

Enrolment fee is $35 or $60 for family.

Performance Fee is $100

Upon enrolment you will be invoiced for the year in total.

This includes:

  • 4 terms of lessons

  • Costume hire

  • Performance Fee

  • Enrolment fee

  • 2024 tshirt

There are two payment methods available:​

  • Cash payment per term before Week One ends each term

  • Fortnightly direct debit 

Classes can be added at any time if class is not full.

Other changes to your enrolment can be done at any time.

2 weeks notice is required when cancelling a class or your enrolment.

Changes to you our invoice and payments due will be effective after this 2 weeks. No refunds are given.

Email to discuss any changes to your enrolment.

Fees must remain up to date to allow attendance. All fees must be paid for regardless of attendance unless you have an injury preventing you from dancing longer than 2 weeks and a doctors certificate is provided.


Parents do not watch classes, we do have CCTV streaming to the foyer but our main source of communicating what happens in our lessons is our BAND app, where the teachers post weekly photos and videos of what the dancers have been working on, achievements and upcoming event notifications. 

CDT also send out a weekly update to let you know what's happening and coming up at the studio. 

Being in the minis program predominately means this is your first experience in the dance world and don't worry, CDT are here to support you through this! We do tutorials, information packs, all the things that will help guide you in the dance world. 

The CDT minis teachers are nurturing, caring and build each little ones confidence in their class!

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9/14-16 Exchange Parade, Narellan

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