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CDT Dancers get high quality dance training in a safe, fun and encouraging environment.

Our classes are designed to help our students develop their love of dance while working on in-class goals.

Being a CDT dancer means so much more than getting dance lessons, they will learn important life lessons such a positive mindset, sense of community and belonging, goal setting, training the body and the mind, commitment, team work and many more valuable lessons.

Members receive a weekly update email from as well as on our BAND app - so make sure you're on it!

Invoices are emailed to you at the beginning of your enrolment. Fees are direct debited. We accept both Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers. Apply yours to your account here:



Creating a safe space for all of our members to feel welcome.

To build on our students' confidence, ability and love of dance.

To strive to bring the best to south-west Sydney.

Our goal is to help CDT students believe in themselves and achieve anything they set their minds to.

At CDT we nurture each individual students journey, we believe in bringing out each students confidence and helping them find their spark.

At CDT we nurture each individual students journey, we believe in bringing out each students confidence and helping them find their spark.



For Students 2-3 - CDT Toddler Program + Toddler Tap.

For students 4-5 - CDT Preschooler Program, PS Tumbling.

For students in primary and above - we offer two streams.

1. Our Rec Stream

Age Groups: - Junior, Intermediate, Teen

Classes: Jazz/funk/ hip hop, lyrical, musical theatre, acro, ballet

These classes are fun, recreational classes aimed to build up students' confidence and love of dance.

They will take part in the end of year concert.

2. Our Performance Stream - this is your stream!

Age Groups:- 6/under- 8/under-10/under-14/under- Senior

These groups will be determined by age of first of January 2024.

Performance Stream students train in these styles: jazz, hip hop, lyrical, musical theatre, RAD Ballet, Glenn Wood Tap, Conditioning, Tumbling, Technique, Ballet Tech

There are also  Private dance and singing lessons available.

These classes are for students who love to dance and will get the opportunity to perform on stage throughout the year.

They will learn jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and lyrical routines to perform at

  • Competitions

  • Community events

  • Mid year show

They will then learn a new routine for the end of year concert for each style.

Ballet and tap classes will learn their syllabus for exam work.

Performance Stream students can also be selected to be soloists.

The CDT soloist program is a mentor and guidance program that helps further train our dancers who compete at solo competitions.

Our Team.

The CDT team strive to give each student the best quality training while sharing our love of dance. Every CDT teacher is first aid trained along with a fantastic array of qualifications, experience and history to share with our students.

Directors - Jenna & Jerrika Howley

Teachers -  Hannah Pike, LJ Nash, Lilly Jackson, Cassie Bateman,  Ryley Shaw, Isabella Choundary, Tylah Paterson and Joel Houwen

CDT Apprentice - Georgia Corte

Junior Teachers - Isabella Biffin, Tayla Smith

CDT Admin - Emily Borg

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About The CDT Performance Stream

CDT Performance Stream students get to experience and learn about the performing arts industry, work as a team and commitment.

These classes are for students who have a passion for dance and will get the opportunity to perform on stage throughout the year.

Students must take part in all performance stream classes in order to receive their training - we are training the 'complete' package!

They will learn comp routines in jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and lyrical styles to will perform at

  • Competitions

  • Community events

  • Workshops

  • Mid year show

These routines are taught PERFORMANCE STREAM DANCE CAMP 22nd-25th January. It's compulsory for all Performance Stream members to learn their routines, participate in team bonding and training and be part of the routines. 

Dance camp is $80 and added to your 2024 invoice.

Please note: Doing performance stream means committing to the performances and comps. This is a non negotiable.

Comps are between 31st May - 25th August.

Ballet and tap classes will learn their syllabus for exam work.

They will then learn a new routine for the end of year concert.

Performance Stream students can also be selected to be soloists.



Within the training program, performance stream students will get to learn a multitude of styles. This will vary each week as to what the focus is and we are so excited for this new way of training our dancers! It gives them variety and allows each style to be fully explored within the performance stream. The only styles that will stay the same will be TUESDAY as students will need to bring their ballet and tap shoes (and bring their ballet outfit). 

In general, they should pack their jazz and hip hop shoes everyday, then ballet and tap shoes on Tuesdays.



Jazz is one of the most popular styles of dance. With a more pop based playlist, jazz class is a commercial based style that incorporates stretch, coordination progressions, technique progressions and combinations. CDT Performance Stream students learn two routines, one for comps and performances, one for the end of year concert.


Hip Hop is a broad range of styles, CDT students experience the wide range of styles with a commercial hip hop based foundation

CDT Performance Stream students learn two routines, one for comps and performances, one for the end of year concert.


Musical Theatre class is more dance based with elements of singing and acting.

Students will learn some classics, musical theatre history and modern musicals.

This is a great space for students to work on their confidence and develop a love for the art.

CDT Performance Stream students learn two routines, one for comps and performances, one for the end of year concert.


Lyrical and contemporary allows them to develop and strong foundation, learn to explore their own creative sense and uniqueness and express themselves through dance.

CDT Performance Stream students learn two routines, one for comps and performances, one for the end of year concert.

CONDITIONING - physio based training

This class is compulsory for all age groups. 

Dancers work on strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, healthy mind and body. 

What to bring:

Journal and pen.

Skipping rope, thin yoga mat and yoga block recommended


This class combines acrobatics and tumbling skills. Students learn the correct and safe way to execute their favourite skills ranging from cartwheels and handstands to walkovers, aerial skills and flips. CDT cater for a range of skill levels so students will be assessed and placed into their best suited level to help improve their skills.

Tumbling students will take part in an end of year showcase in Term 4.


Dancers refine their kicks, jumps and turns working in level based classes to help them achieve. 


The CDT Tap classes learn from the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus.

Glenn Wood Tap is a fun tap dance syllabus that is founded on solid technique, whilst being fluid, relaxed and enjoyable. The GWT syllabus develops a love and appreciation of tap dance through technique based exercises, performance routines, barre skills and turning activities.

Each year the tap students will progress through the levels of the syllabus. Exams are in Term 2. 

What are the benefits of Glenn Wood Tap Exams?

The GWT exam process is enjoyable and rewarding for both students and teachers.

The year's course work prepares students for the exam process.

Goal setting is an important element in the learning and development process. Exams help enable students to see the rewards of their hard work and provide them an acknowledgment of their achievements.

What makes the Glenn Wood Tap Exams?

All GWT examiners are professionals in tap dance – with extensive experience as performers and entertainers, studio teachers and owners.

They interact with students during the exam, ensuring each student has the opportunity to show their full potential.

Each exam is fun and exhilarating for the students. GWT exams provide students with the encouragement and enthusiasm to continue learning.

What are the costs of exams?

Mock exams cost $40

Depending on their grade, tap exams can cost between $55-$100.


Students at CDT learn the RAD ballet syllabus.

This is an internationally recognized ballet training syllabus that develops a strong technique foundation as students progress in their ballet skills.

The syllabus is divided into grades, which students learn and improve in not just in the exercise but the understanding of the technique required to execute it and the french meaning behind what they are doing

(so they get to learn another language too - bonus!)

The RAD ballet grade is made up of a series of exercises as well as a routine and Grade 1 and above learn a ‘Character Routine’ - this is a theatrical presentation of national or folk dance.

Pointe Work

Students will be assessed for pointe work when the teacher feels this is ready (and once their feet have stopped growing). Students must have the strength and technique established to be able to sustain the pointe work required.

This includes a pre-pointe assessment at the studio where students must be able to complete a series of exercises to show they are ready. From there, CDT will contact the families and then they must book in a pointe assessment at a physiotherapy facility. (We recommend Bounce Back at Narellan that specialises in Dance Physiotherapy).

Once they have given the all clear, students can then book in to get their first pair of pointe shoes. This is such a special and momentous occasion!


If chosen by the teachers to take part in exams, it is an extremely beneficial exercise as these students execute their grade work in front of a certified examiner where they are assessed on their work, given feedback and get to progress to the next grade.

In order to take part in exams, students must take part in the Friday ballet workshops which occurs 3 times in Term One, Term Two and Term Three.

Exams are held at the RAD headquarters in the city.

The cost of exams does depend on the grade your dancer is in.

If chosen for exams, you can choose to pay in instalments.

Parents do not watch classes. Classes are regularly updated on our BAND app. 

What To Wear 

We ask that performance stream students wear CDT merch at least once a week. Otherwise, dance gear can vary - they should pack baggy clothes so they can put it on when they do hip hop. 

They need:

- black jazz shoes

- joggers/ street shoes for hip hop

- foot thongs are optional for when they do lyrical or contemporary 

to pack in their bags.

Hair needs to be tied back.


Tuesdays they must wear ballet gear and hair in a bun for their ballet class (they can change in and out of it for their other classes).

You can order your CDT merch when you CLICK HERE

Ballet Attire:


Primary: Black leotard, ballet skirt, pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet shoes.

Grade 1 and above: black leotard, ballet skirt, pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet shoes Bring to class: black character skirt with blue ribbon, cuban heel character shoes.

Inter Found and above: pointe shoes (when students have been assessed by teacher)


White shirt, black ballet tights, black ballet shoes.



CDT have a private BAND app that gives

regular updates and in class videos, quick notices and messages

from the CDT staff. You can also private message the directors to inform us of absences, ask questions etc.


Our business facebook profile is


Main Page - @completedancetraining

Private Members only - @cdtmembers

Don't forget to tag us when you share CDT/dance stuff - we love being able to share it back!


Our main point of contact is our email

You can also call us on 0401798381

Have any questions?

We are here to help!

Everyone is part of the dance journey at CDT.

We are so proud of everything CDT has become over the past ten years and we are so excited for its future. CDT is more than just a place, it's the students, the teachers, the families.

At CDT, we are supportive of each student and we recognise the benefits of dance in a persons life - we do not take lightly that we get to share that and we will always strive to build our students up to be the best they can, because we believe in them!

We are invested in our students and their goals.

At CDT, you have gained a second family, and we welcome everyone in their uniqueness

Welcome to the CDT family!

- Miss Jenna, Miss Jerrika
and the CDT Team
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