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Toddler Information


CDT is a family based studio that provides a safe, nurturing and encouraging program with high quality training, qualified teachers and focused on the fun and love of dance. 

We offer a free trial class because we are confident in our programs and what we offer our students. 

Our toddler and preschooler programs are based on the developmental stages of our young dancers and the Early Years Learning Framework.

The CDT Toddler Program is for 2-3 years.


 The toddler program is a fun, interactive lesson which creates a positive introduction to dance in a 40 minute lesson. 

This lesson includes:

Jazz -  movement to popular songs embracing strength and coordination with hips, arms, bounces, model walks, balancing, jazz style and gross motor coordination.

Ballet - includes a lot of imaginary play where toddlers get to be butterflies, bunnies, fairies and engage in a variety of role playing as well as using props to introduce the love of ballet and ballet technique for young dancers.

Singing – introduces a fun way to acknowledge pitch, rhythm, tune and allows toddlers to engage their memory system to remember lyrics

What to Wear?

The CDT uniform can be ordered for $35.

 Our uniform is not compulsory, we do have a uniform available but dancers just need to wear any leotard and skirt/shorts that they would like to 

(which makes it that little bit more affordable).

Toddlers will need ballet shoes for their class.

Parents do not watch classes, you are usually invited in to meet the team, see the environment during their first lesson but due to COVID19 restrictions parents are not able to enter the building yet. We will get photo and video updates of how your dancer is progressing but we find it most beneficial for dancers to grow their confidence through independence. 


Year Overview:

Term One:

Students settle into class, creating bonds with teachers and class members. Basic program is introduced as students are encouraged to explore their gross motor mobility. Stretching, turn taking and a foundation of dance. 

Term Two:

Toddlers work on achieving travelling skills - skipping, fairy runs, gallops, jumps. In the jazz portion of the class toddlers will learn a routine to perform in the mid year concert. In the ballet portion toddlers will be familiar with plie, tendus and transference of weight. 

Term Three:

Toddlers begin learning their jazz and ballet end of year concert routines. 

They will work on further progressing their skills and practice them independently. 

Term Four:

Toddlers practice remembering sequence of steps as they prepare for the concert. We work on performing and shapes of steps as we test their knowledge and continue progressing their abilities.


As part of the CDT Toddler program - you will receive end of term progression reports and our gift to you, the 'PHOTO OF THE TERM!'

The CDT Toddler program includes continuous communication and updates of progression from the CDT team.



We are so excited about our new tap class for toddlers, the most fun making sounds with their feet and learning about foot coordination and rhythm. 

There are limited spots available in this class so if you would like a spot in this class get in quick!


Toddler Program
Class Times


9/14-16 Exchange Parade, Narellan

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Toddler Tap
Class Times

  • Monday 3:45pm

  • Wednesday 3:45pm

  • Friday 10:00am

  • Saturday 9:30am

  • Monday 4:25pm

  • Saturday 10:10am

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