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So, it's a CDT tradition that at the end of the Term we do something special with our CDT family to celebrate the fantastic Term we had and the hard work everyone has put into their classes.

It's always fun, we're always laughing - it's such a nice way for CDT family and their friends to bond outside of the dance rooms with each other and their teachers.

Our favourite end of term event is our TRIBAL WARS.

Black Tribe versus the Blue Tribe

It is such a bloody fun night.

Prepping the room, we get excited - I'm not sure who has more fun, us or the kids!!

CDT Senior Staff are Switzerland - so we don't pick sides.

Once the kids are split into their tribes it's time to put the war paint on - blues all in blue, blacks all in black - they work together to get their tribe looking the part.

Then there's a series of games where the tribes accumulate points and so on, but what I remember most is the laughing, the chanting, the encouragement, the participation.

At the end, yes, there's a winning tribe. But one of the best parts of tribal wars, is that it really doesn't matter who won - everyone is leaving with smiles, everyone got to have a turn of something, they worked together, they had fun. Everyone belonged.

Watch this video of our 2018 Tribal Wars.

If you weren't there - I'm sorry you missed it!

There's always next year!

Keep smiling

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