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CDT Holiday Tips and Tricks


Welcome to your Term 3 holidays.. time to sit back, relax and take a break.................

OR IS IT?!!?!?

Well, for some part - yes.

Rest is important. Your muscles need time to repair, this is your time to recuperate BUT

I don't know about everyone else, but for CDT - the dance concert is just. around. the corner.

*slight hyperventilation from the CDT teachers*

hahaha just kidding... kind of..

But really, there's only 8 weeks until CDT performs on stage.

EXCEPT two of those weeks are holidays.. which only gives your body six weeks to train.. which if your class is only an hour a week, that's only 6 hours of training until the performance.

So this is the time of year where if you would like to perform in peak condition, it's probably not the best idea to leave your body and your brain two weeks without training.

Don't worry - we've got some tips to help you get through these holidays so you don't come back in Week One of Term 4 and have forgotten all of the things you've learnt in Term 3 which makes your teacher want to cry in the corner.

Don't stress - WE GOT YOU:

1. Get the music for your concert routine - The right version. You might have to email the teacher to get this as it's more than likely a different version. This doesn't mean that you have to practice it every time you play is but you could play it in the car, while you're getting ready for the day, in the background of doing chores etc. so you are familiar with every beat and accent in your song. This also allows you to visualise you doing your routine - which is an important and effective training tool.

2. Write it down - Get your dance journal out and write down corrections your teacher has given you, things she's repeatedly said and try to get an understanding of what it means. This can be personal corrections, group corrections, someone else's - they all help! Write it down, read through it, remember what's been said to try to help you.

You can also write down specific words the teacher has said to try to remember it. Journal is also a great way to reflect and you can keep record of when you've trained!

3. Draw It - you can map out your spacing in your dance journal so you feel confident with your routines. This will also help you with the sequencing of the choreography.

4. Practice It - Now this might seem obvious - but just in case someone reading this thought this step doesn't count - it does. Please. Practice your routines. It doesn't have to be everyday. But At least twice in Week 1 of the holidays, and twice in Week 2.

5. Film It - Record yourself doing the dance. You'll be able to see how you're making the shapes and it will help you self evaluate for improvement. Every shape you make in your routines should be on purpose.

6. Reach Out - If there's something you're not sure of - phone a friend (and by phone, we more mean text/inbox/DM) then you're connecting with your class - you are a team after all. And you can always shoot an email through to your teachers! (

7. Stretch - Please, we beg of you - now is not the time to stop stretching. We've been working hard all year to train our bodies in flexibility and strength so please give your muscles some decent stretching over the two weeks. When we get back into class it's going to be full on (and fun) so you don't want your body to struggle on you! Remember to ease into stretching, we want to respect and take care of our muscles!

8. Keep Active - Get running, jumping, skipping, activate your muscles and wake them up! You can even kill two birds with one stone and skip while you're listening to your routine music! Activate your muscles groups and keep getting them stronger - you probably already have class exercises you could practice at home (**COUGH** roll call for CDT students **COUGH**)

9. Fuel Your Body - It's so important that you're giving your body LOTS of the right foods. It needs to be functioning at it's best so give your body what it needs. Food is Fuel - give your body the best fuel so it can run it's best - and drink PLENTY of water!

10. Get Excited! - This is the closest you've been to concert time all year (haha, dad joke) - and that is SO EXCITING!!!!! All of the CDT staff CANNOT WAIT for our concert - it is such a buzz, it is so fun, and so rewarding to see all of the effort the students have been giving pay off up on stage. The count down is definitely on!

We hope this helps - everybody enjoy your holidays!

Don't forget to rest, but don't forget to pay respect to the effort you've been putting in all year also.

For the love of dance,


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