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CDT's 'Small Acts of Kindness' Program is the CDT members coming together once a month to spread kindness to our broader community. 

They will be grouped together with their friends and peers and share the 'joy of the month' with everyone around. 

With the world we live in, we think there can never be enough joy, so help us spread it.

There's no cost to join, and it doesn't take up much time - and you could make someone's day!

Why wouldn't you take part in it!?!

What's Involved?

An email will go out close to the KINDNESS DAY date, confirming what the act of kindness is, where to meet, what they need to do.

If the act calls for it, we will prepare at the studio and then head out to spread the joy into the community. Safety is number one priority so there will always be rules, but it will definitely be worth it.Those participating might need to glue or wrap or prepare some bundles, depending on what the act is. It is also essential that they SMILE.

This is a beautiful thing to do for others! 

Act's of Kindness

Here are some examples:

- Handing out Easter Eggs

- Kindness notes

- Handing out flowers 

- Fundraise for a good cause

- Clean up Camden Day

- Pay it Forward at some local cafe's

- Donate blankets to animal shelters

- Gift baskets for first responders

- Write a letter to a stranger 

Do you know a Business that would like to get involved? Let us know!

We are also open to ideas!
Let us know if you have one!

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